Beauty from Above

I’ve been flying drones for quite some time now. I am no expert but I really do enjoy the perspective it offers in photography and the fact that I am in control of what I need photographed. Before the drones I was hanging out of gyrocopters, holding onto all of my camera gear, and praying not to fall out. One time I almost did. My camera lens got caught on the throttle (gyro-copters have co-pilot controls) and while trying to untangle it I un-clicked my safety belt almost sending me over the side plunging to my death. I decided two flights after that one that I was over risking my life to take aerial photos. Then came along DJI and their toys and life was so much easier in these parts.

This is a gallery of photos  shot in and around Nosara. With this type of photography it is crazy how you are able to see all of the curves and angles that occur naturally. I really enjoy aiming the camera directly down and shooting objects from directly above.  Often times I look at a horizontal photo and it does nothing for me. Then with a turn to a vertical position it comes to life. While I am certainly no pro with these things I do enjoy the outcome and I hope you do too.

Graham Swindell