June 4 2020 Nosara Update

So much has happened since the last time we posted. I figured now would be a good time to get people caught up with what is going on in the area. As of June 1st the beaches were re-opened from 5am to 6pm. People are advised to continue to practice social distancing. Costa Rica has done a remarkable job of containing things throughout this pandemic but our numbers are still on the rise. As of June 4th they have only had 10 deaths due to the virus.  Nosara, from what I understand, has had no cases registered.  Our borders remain closed and that is probably a good thing at the moment. Although domestic tourism has started to slowly pick up, I would not expect international tourism to pick up until Nov. Even if they opened the borders mid July (which is unlikely) it puts us at the end of our green season and into the start of rainy season.  Nosara Surf Schools are depending on donations and local lessons. If you are one of the ex-pats living in the area be sure to support the cause. Same with restaurants. As I write this update, we are expected to have heavy rains for the next few days. All and all this is still normal for us here this time of year.

Kudos to Costa Rica throughout this entire mess. Their leadership and vision for the future is one to be very proud of. We are by no means in the clear but by being smart we can all get through this together hopefully returning to some sort of normality in the near future.