Nov 12 “Much Smaller but More Crowd”

Today's Tide - Nosara Time Times for Nosara

High 12:35AM 2.8m
Low 6:50AM 0.1m
High 1:06PM 2.6m
Low 7:03PM 0.1m
First Light 5:13AM
Sunrise 5:35AM
Sunset 5:18PM
Last Light 5:40PM


Small conditions today. Looks like it might even go smaller until the weekend comes around. Saturday looks to be your best bet but nothing like what we just had. Good news is it’s sunny , offshore winds, lower tide early morning and lots of great photos coming in. If you in the area stop by the shop and say hello and browse your photos. We are no longer offering daily photo galleries online. It was too time consuming and the cost of the servers is double this season so we felt it in our best interest to just stop. If you did surf and would like photos online we can do it via email and dropbox.
Enjoy the week! graham

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