Dec 17 “even smaller”

Today's Tide - Nosara Time Times for Nosara

High 5:21AM 3m
Low 11:32AM -0.3m
High 5:55PM 3m
First Light 5:29AM
Sunrise 5:51AM
Sunset 5:26PM
Last Light 5:49PM

Surf today is really small. The sun is really bright and the crowd is really heavy. Looks like a good day to do something else. As for surf, I don’t think we can expect anything significantly great any time soon but we should still see waist to chest high offshore conditions early morning.

Book us to photograph or video your surf session.  We charge $50 an hour which can be split by up to two people. It means for $25 you and a friend get 1 hour of professional photography or video. Probably the best deal in the world considering our gear cost us thousands.

Enjoy, graham











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