April 15 “Tomorrow starts the decline’

Swell should start to decline until the weekend. Guiones is overhead and mixed up. With all the south swells in the water I am not thinking it will get under head high anytime soon. Lots of places got a little of the swell but South America blocked most of it. Guiones has been skipped and cursed with mixed up conditions and onshore winds early morning. Sheltered beaches and seekret spots seemed to be working just fine. Why the lack of photos? Well, we have so many it was hard to post them. We’ve decided to post a new gallery from a few different spots highlighting this past swell. Check back tomorrow to see some cool stuff.


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foto is from Samara. Samara is normally very small. Knee high to waist high but this was the beginning of our last swell. I can only imagine what it looked like today at high tide.


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