April 15 “Small Punchy Surf”

Surf is running chest high today but somewhat fun. Crowded as hell but we managed to get a few waves. I think Alfredo even scored some photos of North End photographer Matt Vaughan in the lineup today. Looks like the surf will stay small until Tuesday but hopefully it won’t get much smaller than it is this moment..

We had a great time at RIsing Sun last night. Matt Vaughan pumped his photos (including the monkey ballz gallery) while I threw up some background video of local surfing. Nickster and the crew  jammed all night, while hot chicks danced! Life is good!
Lots of photos going in the smugmug galleries today so check back this evening to find yours.! I am off to video a kid’s talent show at DMA this evening. Should be some good stuff!!! Enjoy the weekend coming up!~g

[nggallery id=149]

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