April 17 “More Shape,Size, and Fun”

Surf today is running chest high with a few sneaker sets shoulder high. Shape has a weird bend to it but for some reason it’s still pretty fun. Light onshore winds early morning and clean but it didn’t last very long. Look for improving conditions into tomorrow and thanks for checking NosaraShack out. We have three local photographers who shoot daily North and South Guiones. Our photos are sold mostly via private photography sessions but we also post whatever else we snap during this. Click “Find your photos” to start your search. Contact us with any questions.  Our staff photographers are also experienced in Wedding, Realty, Event, and any other photography you may need in the Nosara Area. Surf@nosarashack.com or 26820956  for more info or portfolios.

Alfredo went surfing and so did I, which left Mr. Vaughan snapping today’s gallery. I am always excited to see the images he sends me. He has become in a few months the talk the town and we’re excited to have him on the team. Creativity doesn’t always include a 21 megapixel crisp perfect images and we love how matt mixes up Stock looking shots with artsy creations. Contact Matt directly for your private photo session matt@nosarashack.com

[nggallery id=152]

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