April 28 “Chest and Soft”

Chest high and soft condtions early morning Playa GUiones. The form is pretty bad but somehow the waves are workable to the inside which makes the fun factor a little better. Winds are  onshore  at 8am. Look for improving conditions as well as a increase in size until Sunday where it is looking to be a small day.

Enjoy the Thursday. We will be heading to Mal Pais tomorrow with Staff Photographers to take some photos of the CNS contest. Thanks to Dain Shook at Century 21 Nosara for making it happen!

Alfredo took photos South End Playa Guiones today while Matt Vaughan was hard at work up North. Catch up with Matt at KayaSol Resturant 10-12 daily or visit the “find your surf photos” link at the top of the page.

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