August 2013

Welcome to August in Nosara. It’s a hit or miss month. This season it seems to be a miss month. We’ve had very small surf and lots of rain already. The season is quickly coming to an end as the last batch of tourist scatter back home to get their kids ready for a new season of school. We apologize for the lack of reports but it gets to be tough trying to run a magazine, shoot photogigs, as well as bring you daily surf reports. We’re working on a great December issue of our magazine so stay posted. If you’re in the area be sure to swing by one of many locations listed and pick up a copy of our first magazine. It’s a great coffee table magazine to show off back in the states or wherever you’re from. Photos are from an evening session in Ostional. Matt Vaughan took the photos with his SPL housing and DSLR (

just so people stop asking if it was done with a gopro)

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Peace and Tuanis,

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