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Otra Toña porfa!

Where do you vacation when your life is kinda like a permanent vacation? Well, usually if we want a quick fix and some quality surf it is a few hours north in Nicaragua. With the high season ending, my wife and her fellow Surf Simply workers usually plan quick getaways in between the transition to green season. This time even I was invited along with my daughter. The getaway was Playa Colorado, Nicaragua. I have been to Nicaragua many times, just never to this place. It has a never ending supply of waves that continue to break around the clock with nonstop clean offshore conditions. I wouldn’t get anything done if I lived there other than surf.The crowds can get a little overwhelming but all n all it’s a pretty epic surf destination for those wanting fast waves and meat grinding shacks. I snapped many photos from the 5 days we were there but below are my favorites combined with a video I made while sitting by the pool drinking a cold Toña and watching my 2 year old.