Dec 1 “Happy December”

Wow is it already December? Time flies when high season comes around. Looks like we have pretty typical winds for this time of year. The locals refer to them as the Christmas Winds or in Spanish “Viento De Navidad” I can remember years when these winds blew for 3 weeks straight knocking every sign in town down. With that said, I have no clue how long this one will last. If it lets off a little the conditions will be on fire again. Bring a 1mm surf top if you’re headed this way. Gets a little cold in these parts with the offshore wind.

head high on the sets, great form but too much wind to stay in the wave. Looks like tomorrow will see a slight decrease in size and continue to diminish until mid next week when another swell heads our way.

Swing by Kaya Sol tomorrow night at 7pm. We are having a surf party for a large group of Canadians surfing in these parts. DJ Freeman is pumping out some tunes, so the vibe should be pretty swell. We have photos and video going the entire time. 7-10 Kaya Sol Restaurant North Guiones in front of Juan Surfo’s Surf Shop.SEE YA THERE!

Enjoy the photos from Alfredo and the monkey ones from me.

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