Dec 10 “Got Offshores?”

Well we sure do! Hard offshore winds blowing this morning making for chilly conditions here in Guiones. Water is cold and crowds are small. Sad part is the waves are really small too. There is swell on the way and Mon,Tues are looking to be pretty good. Might be time to book a surf adventure. Contact for more details as we are putting together travel packages at killer prices where we take you to the breaks, feed you, video and photograph your session.. Yup you heard that right and if you’ve graduated from preschool surfing in Guiones and are ready to explore new breaks and conditions this is going to be for you. I started the site about a year ago and we are hoping to make it live in the next week. Don’t worry we still have our photographers here to photograph everyone dropping in on each other if that’s what your wanting… Either way , enjoy the day!
[nggallery id=33] ~graham

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