Dec 11 ” Olitas con Shackitos “

Okay I made the last word up but it should from this day forth be included in the Spanish Dictionary.  Waist to chest high surf and super fun. Offshore wind and medium crowd this Sunday. GO  SURF!  ALfredo and Candice were hard at work today bringing you great photos. Check out our facebook page and become a fan to see more from today and every day.

Surf will drop in size the rest of the week but should remain in the waist high range with a couple of days of bigger stuff. Nothing in the radar that special. If you  booked this week for your vacation of surf you might be frustrated with the conditions but it sure as hell beats the wetsuit you’re probably wearing.
We are, a society of professional photographers who joined together to form one of Costa Rica’s best websites. We find beauty in anything we do and we support each other’s work .  It’s all done with passion because we’re sure as hell not getting rich doing it.  Feel like having the best photos this area offers?  Book a private session today with one of our 4 photographers. Our work can been seen throughout this website as well as in some main stream surf magazines.  SURF@NOSARASHACK.COM BOOK NOW!

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