Dec 21 ” Tis the Season”

Yup, Tis the season to be jolly and fed up with the crowded lineup here in Playa Guiones. I was having a good session early morning and decided to cut it short so I could leave with a happy memory versus getting upset because someone decided to ditch their board in front of my duck dive. If you read our reports and are learning surfing , do us one favor. Okay, maybe two favors. Paddle down the beach to a break without people (everyone should do this anyways). There are plenty to be found even in the prime time weeks like now. Secondly, don’t ditch your board because you don’t know how to properly duck dive or roll. Hold that Sh@T tight with every muscle you have. Our town doctor loves the business of fin cuts and often gives extra stitches to secure his tip… In the end it’s your choice but to cut a vacation short because of 12 stitches sucks and is a very common occurrence which can easily be avoided by being mindful of others.

Surf today is chest high and a great tide for getting shacked, airs, closeouts, faceplants, or some good olde cruising. Look like the size will stay about the same into the weekend when we get the new little swell.

Matt Vaughan will be back on the beach tomorrow North End and selling his photos to the public. BOOK YOUR PRIVATE SESSION NOW!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the photos today from 12 year old Sam Shook.
Tuanis , Paz y Anarchy


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