Dec 27 ” Gonna be a long weekend”

Today's Tide - Nosara Time Times for Nosara

High 1:55AM 2.5m
Low 8:13AM 0.3m
High 2:30PM 2.4m
Low 8:23PM 0.5m
First Light 5:34AM
Sunrise 5:56AM
Sunset 5:31PM
Last Light 5:54PM

Lots of people in Guiones. high season at it’s peak.

Surf is a little crowded but manageable early morning. Size has dropped to chest high and smaller with a side shore wind. Looks like it is going to be small for a while. Enjoy the low tides and full moon. It makes for some fun fast and hollow surf. Book us to shoot your session early morning. We love private sessions!

If you’re a tourist please be safe. Meaning watch your stuff and be careful who you make friends with. Central America is still Central America and I will leave it at that.

Spread the peaks, Share the waves, and if your level of surfing isn’t really that advanced(meaning ur a noob), for god’s sake paddle somewhere down the beach and surf in solitude. It is much more fulfilling and safer for everyone involved. If your surf coach tells you to paddle into the main break, fire him and call him a kook.

but what do I know? I am the town asshole for speaking it like it is.. Thanks for checking out We decided the town needed a real surf site so we made one!

Peace and love,

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