Feb 13 “Clean and Soft”

Surf is still hanging in there but the juice is missing. Should start to build into Wednesday. People have been venturing North and South of this overcrowded beach and getting the shacks of their lives. I would highly recommend if you’re an experienced surfer to venture around a little because the crowds this time of year can drive you mad and if you add 15 surf schools on top of that you get pure chaos. But hell, what do I know? Every time I post something about a surf school student wrecking someone I get an email or comment from a surf school owner crying and trying to justify how “Cool” his/her surf school is. Glad you they think it’s cool cause it’s pretty much screwed surfing up for the rest of the locals who live here. Either way I do my best to support surf schools and instructors but GIMME A BREAK!!! I should call my next movie “Fking Up Utopia” and highlight a real day of surfing during high season here. Good news is, it should all slow down soon…

As for movies! YEa, Finding Utopia preview was a one day only pass and we will be showing it again Wednesday evening 7:30ish at OLGA’s .. Come out and support the cause. White Abott and 104.7 are going to be pumping out some sick shit if the movie isn’t enough to tempt you.

Peace and Love, Share the peaks, Spread the Peaks, Don’t Dust Local Families Walking, and do something nice for someone else other than yourself at least once during it!


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