Feb 13 “Maximum Capacity, Gringo Overload”

Feb 13 is a great day if you feel like getting smaller surf and having a douche bag drop in on you. I photographed for an hour and watched what appeared to be a surf contest which was unannounced to me or anyone. Triple heats included 100 people plus being judged by how cool they thought they were in their own minds. Later I went for a surf and watched the Wave Hogs destroy any sense of brotherhood surfers may have in the water. Got to love smaller days. Waist high with offshore winds. SHARE THE PEAKS, SHARE THE WAVES, RESPECT  EACH OTHER or GO TO HELL! This goes for any level of surfer btw. We actually love noobs and get stoked on their excitement but feel the need to enforce some sort of etiquette into their learning so they don’t develop into hot heads.

Good news is it’s Sunday and the sun is shining and we have another swell coming soon. Should see signs Tuesday. Feb of last year was full of overhead days and with offshores blowing you know where to go. We have a ton of photos in the galleries from yesterday and today. Book us to shoot your private video/photography session.  Also have made some new space for advertisement under the main banner . We also will be adding a new soon to be bookmarked page to the site in the next day. We promise you’ll like it or pretend to hate it so check back.

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