Feb 19 “Shack Attack”

Guoines is being attacked by Shacks and Offshore winds. GO GET SOME! Surf today is chest with head high sets. I swear I made 4 shacks in one sessions which is pretty damn good for Guiones. We will wait to see Matt’s photo evidence (hopefully)  Look for another decent evening and a decline into tomorrow. I gave our magic seaweed report 4 stars today because the crowd factor was good, surf was fast, and surf has good form. Check back later for our updated report photos from Matt Vaughan (NC OBX photographer). He along with Alfredo and myself are dedicated to making our site addictive.

What’s with the Whiskey Militia Ads? Check them out for yourself. They have a small window of time for you to buy a product at 60-90% off of retail price. Products are all surf/snow/skate industry products. Example, A Vestal (coolest watches ever) tide watch went for 49 bucks this morning and when I came back this evening to buy it they were all already sold out and promoting another product.

Enjoy the day! ~graham

Graham’s South End Gallery
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Matt’s Gallery
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