Feb 22 2013″Growing”

Size is getting a little bigger today and hopefully will continue into tomorrow with a WNW swell at 20 seconds (although another site is showing a South Swell folling that on Sunday) Could be interesting but either way we can expect to have something with a little more meat.

Lineup is still crowded up and down the beach but it’s what you can expect when it’s high season and super small. If you want surf photos let us know. We shoot daily on the beaches and take special interest in private photography session. Book us from land or water surf@Nosarashack.com

Enjoy the weekend,

One thought on “Feb 22 2013″Growing””

  1. Swindell is my hero !! Website is looking top-notch baby. I popped up there for a few days 2 weeks ago but never bumped into you guys… wanna meet little Pazsita ! Much love to u guyses and give me a shout if you’re ever comin down Dominical-way. We up in da mountaintops where Pura Vida is not yet dead and no bars on the windows. (See, I read your rant).

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