Feb 22 “Good news first”

Good news is we have a little wedge running about waist to chest high and clean conditions early morning. Bad news is you’re probably not going to catch one wave without 3 other people on it. I would say spread out but it seems the entire beach is infested with people wanting some of the action. Good day to surf the green water for beginners and good day to do house errands for locals. Surf in the evenings has been fun with some crazy backwash making for explosive rides. Swell will pick up into tomorrow then we have another good one on the way. Enjoy my photos from the south end and Matt Vaughan’s at the north (which will be posted later so check back) a reminder Matt will be selling photos starting today at Rising Sun Cafe in kayasol North Guiones between 10-12am. Enjoy the day, Share the waves, Split the peaks, Try to spread out, and be safe!

Graham South End
[nggallery id=95]

Matt North End
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