Feb 25 “Fun High Tide Surf”

The tide is pretty full early morning but surprisingly fun! Head high to a little overhead  in North Guiones with calm winds. A little smaller South. Looks like surf will stick around for the next couple of days in the chest to head range then dropping until later we have nice little bump coming. If you surfed North Guiones last night you scored. Long head high plus lines breaking outside all the way to the beach. Pray for a repeat. Today’s photo gallery is compliments of Alfredo Barquero. check back later for Matt Vaughan’s gallery from today as well. We are dedicated to giving you the real vibe and unbias reports from Playa Guiones Costa Rica. Catch up with Matt Vaughan Rising Sun Cafe (kaya sol) to see your photos. He is there from 10-12.  Enjoy the day and try to do something nice for someone other than yourself at least once during it ~G

[nggallery id=100] [nggallery id=101]

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