Feb 26 “Head and Holding”

Winds were calm early morning but the surf just had some kind of funk to it that wasn’t making conditions worthy of paddling out. Head high far North. Afterwards we checked south it was  a little smaller but more powerful. At 9am the winds starting blowing offshore and even though the tide was almost high the form of the waves improved. This only lasted until about 10am when the wind came onshore but some fun waves were definitely had. Looking forward seems to be a decline in swell and nothing crazy for at least 7 days. Anyone who knows Playa Guiones knows that even if they predict 1.5 feet sometimes we get chest to head perfect conditions. Meaning you never know what to expect here. Evening sessions have been a blast. Crowds are heavy but not as thick as in the past couple of weeks. Enjoy the weekend and check back as I will have a video from the Art Show last night and Matt’s photos will also be online.


A NEWLY DESIGNED HALF PIPE IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. The inaguration of the half pipe will be MONDAY EVENING FEB 28 ,     6am til midnight. FOOD DRINKS DJ and PURA FUN! For more information CLICK HERE!

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