Feb 26 “Offshore Luving”

Mother Nature gave the ocean a nice blow job today. Offshore winds and beautiful surf rolling in. Head high with some bigger sets and SHACKS. Yup, SHACKS< TUBES, PITS, GREENROOMs, Whatever you call them, they were all over the place today. With a handful of the locals in Hermosa surfing the contest (CNS), it left the lineup in Diet, yet semi-chubbie mode. SPREAD THE PEAKS SHARE THE WAVES.. I actually had two guys say sorry for dropping in on me today. It made me smile. Not everyone is an angry agro asshole Longboarder. If you drop in on someone at least tell them you’re sorry. These days from old timers I see so much attitude. If their moms were around they would cry. Yup, Not just young groms, Old Angry Agro Assholes can easily ruin your vacation or surfing experience. Simply put we’ve ruined this beach with surf schools and greed and there’s no turning back but there is a chance to take hold of Surf Etiquette if it’s set by example. I’m not perfect, I cut someone off every once and a while but I spend 90% of my time watching waves get ruined versus dropping in. And does this mean I think I’m a great surfer? Hell no, it means if you spend one day behind my camera lens you’ll understand exactly what I mean. ENJOY THE SUNDAY…

Finding Utopia Release a week ago and we’ve yet to show the public the High Definition one. People are simply viewing a 640×480 format shot for an iphone online. If you enjoyed it and would like to see it in full resolution you can simply download it for a next to nothing fee. If you’re still a tight ass you can wait for some contest and we will start giving digital copies away. Rumor has it, I’ve already got something else in the works which involves Dirty Hippies, Death Metal Ticos, and a redneck Arab.. www.utopiansurfsociety.com for more info.

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