Feb 27 “Fui Norte”

Surf size is sticking around and the crowds are super mellow, especially for a Sunday. Chest to head and clean til around 9:30am. We went to Ostional for a private video session and while filming I was able to frame the following shots. Thanks to Griff Jenkins from Fox news who always keeps things exciting. He’s no stranger to Costa Rica but I am not sure if he has ever been on a quad ride to Ostional during dry session until today. For breakfast we ate dirt from passing cars then  he went &  charged the surf while I was video bitch. .. Enjoyed every moment of it! If you’re ever wanting to visit playa Ostional you can stay in OSTIONAL TURLTE LODGE www.surfingostional.com   .. tell them Nosara Shack sent ya!  ENjoy the end of the weekend! ~g

[nggallery id=104] [nggallery id=105]

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