Feb 28 “Offshore continued…”

Yet another day of fun offshore winds. The size has dropped a bit but the shape is still pretty good if you wait for the tide to drop. Chest high on the sets and clear water. Be sure to check out our water photography on the facebook fan page by Staff Photographer Matt Vaughan. I took the photos below before joining in on the fun. Looks like we’re finally back on schedule with the swell forecast. Should stay this size or smaller until the middle of next week. Enjoy the surf and your time here. If you’re new to NosaraShack.com we welcome you. It seems our web traffic is doubling these days. We are a group of freelance photographers who live in Playa Guiones year round trying to make a modest living at doing what we love. We even made a movie which has gotten great reviews global be sure to check it out…

Spread the peaks, Share the waves, Don’t be a douche, and respect any and everyone in the water and on land while visiting! Also, watch your stuff because this is Central America and you will get robbed in the blink of an eye. It’s the way it is and the way it’s been for many years. We’ve been robbed 3 times in two years living in Playa Guiones and my wife is from here. This is not to scare , only to inform. Anyone who tells you differently is full of shit and trying to sell you something…. Oh did we mention we’re not politically correct and have problems with run on sentences and grammar.. Yup, Black sheep of Nosara.. Either way PEACE< LUV< ANARCHY

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