Feb 3 “Got Size Forgot Form”

Size is good but due to swell angle and tide I am giving it poor/fair form. Chest high wedges and offshore winds early morning. Look for another repeat of yesterday when the tide gets full it should get a little more workable. Looking forward is tricky because there is a tiny swell that should keep the conditions chest to head but just how good it’s actually going to be is the question. Either way , we still have surf and if you get out early you can avoid half of the assholes who migrate in front of the cameras. On that note, lets bring surfing back to Soul. I mean really, who needs all the other B.S. that comes along with it these days? If you’re watching the sunset while surfing alone or with a couple of your friends then you understand the meaning and feeling of what it is to be a surfer. I often paddle half a mile down the beach trying to find isolation from the Crowds of Guiones who have been completely ruined by over populations of Surf Schools who just don’t get it… Just because you own a surf school doesn’t give your clients a get out of jail free card. Show respect get respect and we honestly can say we see no intentions of anyone wanting to set examples. ~graham
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One thought on “Feb 3 “Got Size Forgot Form””

  1. Pretty funny that you hate the a-holes that surf in front of the camera but aren’t you catering to/profiting from said a-holes?????? I just looked up hypocrite in the dictionary and there was a picture of you……the photo credit was surfingnosara btw. LOL

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