March 4 “Waist Rollers”

Surf today remains in the waist to chest high range. Always something to ride if you’re desperate. It actually got kinda fun yesterday in the evening. Crowd factor is normal for the size and the sun is super hot this month. Last year our first rains started the second week of April but it looks as though this year we might get regular evening showers even sooner than that. If the town pours molasses on the road wear your rain jacket because like clockwork mother nature always seems to have fun at business owner’s expense. (makes me smile, but I am evil). Looks like a small increase in size for Saturday. If you’re looking for some swell maybe hit Marbella.

Alfredo is busy with 4 personal clients today and Matt is slammed with North Enders so I got up early to get some photos for the report. Check out our daily slide show from South Guiones at Beach Dog Cafe and North Guiones at Rising Sun Cafe. Lots of good stuff going on for the NS team. We are expanding our site to offer more reports from surrounding areas if you are interested in helping with reports from Ostional, Marbella, Avellanas, etc contact us at we can easily make it worth your while. Enjoy the day! I did my edit on my Mac today because someone stole one of my computers and my damn mouse the other day. So if some middle aged dude (we saw him) has a laptop with Nosarashack stickers, endemic stickers and a mouse. Tell him keep the PC give me back my damn mouse!! I can’t edit photos without it……

[nggallery id=113] [nggallery id=115]

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