Feb 5 ” Yea , um… not happening”

Crappy conditions continue with a crowd to go along.. Looks like we might see a little bump from a north swell making some secret spots line up. If i catch you in my secret spot I will start kite surfing in the main break and have Matt Vaughan video my kite crashing on your head while I am learning. So you better stay in main break and try to do radical airs and get ur free photos from the douche bag realtors office…..  My wife says I am immature so I wanted my surf report to reflect my newest achievement.

On a serious note we are nosarashack.com and we are always full of shit and trying to have fun. Believe me there are no secret spots here with all these big mouths. If you are annoyed by our post and only want to look at Matt Vaughan’s prettier than ghey photos then just pretend you can’t read and look away.

We love surfing , photography and making jokes about greedy realtors turning this place into Cancun is that so wrong?

Book us to shoot your surf session or just freeload your photos off of our Facebook fan page section. Either way all is well and life is good. Pura Vida, Paz y amor!











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