Feb 6 “No Hay Muchas Olas Esta Mañana”

Not much along the line of waves this morning. Problem being the medium offshore wind and low tide. Super sunny outside. Hotter than a whore in church, with a ton of noobs in the water getting their surf on.  Probably a good day for students learning to take it to the next level and surf the green water.  Hopfully getting their arse handed to them will keep a good majority of them signing up for yoga lessons instead of continuing their spiritual surf journey. For those of you with absolutely no sense of humor send your complaints to graham@nosarashack.com  and for those of you  who since the first time stood on a board knew their life had changed “have a great Sunday”.. Now I aim to have my Latina wife attempt to care about watching Gringos play the superbowl… Ciao, G

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