First time visitors?

First time visit to Nosara, what to bring?

If this is your first time visiting Nosara there are probably a million questions running through your head. The most common asked is what do I need to bring and the next would be where should I stay?  The answer to these questions in reality depends on each individual and what they are wanting from their Nosara experience but we have simplified and complied a list of what we thing are necessities here in Nosara.

1. Sunblock- Expensive here and not that great of brands
2.BugSpray- Mosquitos get really bad depending on the time of year
3. Copies of passport/drivers license – if yours gets stolen or lost you’re going to wish you had it. Email yourself a photocopy.
4. Long Sleeve shirt and Surf top for chilly days >Nov,Dec,Jan and Rainy Seasons Aug,Sept,Oct
5. Rain Jacket if you book after May and before Nov
6.Books- no real book stores in town .
7.Your common N American Pain killers and vitamins : Tylenol, IBU Profin etc – We have other generic brands
8. Surfboard wise- Fish Tails, Twin Fins, Rockets all work good. Small wide boards and long boards are the best call. For surrounding beaches a wide rounded pin tail works.
9. Extra flip flops because yours are going to get stolen 9 times out of 10.

And like I always say keep in the back of your mind This is still Central America and while you may not be a loaded yuppy you still make more than the average Tico who gets about 2$ an hour.  Spend your money in Costa Rican businesses if you can find any left. Treat the locals with much respect and drive slow down these dusty roads. Pura Vida!

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