Jan 11 “Longboard Alert!”

The longboard factor was kicking today. Full of assholes who have no desire to share a single peak or wave with anyone in the water. I love longboarding don’t get me wrong, but in this area I think people have lost respect for everything dealing with surfing. It’s not hard to let a wave go and wait 30 seconds for another. Give it a shot and I will try to live by example as well For those who don’t agree with me I give you the option of kissing my ass šŸ™‚ (oh and I make no money from this website so I reserve the right to say whatever). I see myself becoming an angry grom in the lineup these day and that’s not something I am proud of.

Surf today is running chest high semi clean with good form to be as small as it is. Wind is light onshore but good for making sections. Looking forward, we have a couple of swells from different directions approaching which should make things come to life again. Enjoy the day and the week.Ā  Alfredo has a shit ton of photos today be sure to click “find your photos” at the top to see the complete gallery. (will be uploaded later this evening)

[nggallery id=55]

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