Jan 17 2013 ” Weak and busy”

Today's Tide - NosaraTime Times for Nosara

Low 12:29AM 0m
High 6:41AM 2.7m
Low 12:45PM 0m
High 7:10PM 2.8m
First Light 5:41AM
Sunrise 6:03AM
Sunset 5:42PM
Last Light 6:05PM

Chest high on the sets and really soft early morning. Looks like size won’t get any bigger until Monday. Both morning and evening sessions have had pretty good form and an average crowd for this time of year. Book us from land or water surf@Nosarashack.com or click find your photos for freesurfing. TOday’s photos are courtesy of Matt Vaughan and I snapped a few while shooting our favorite surf school “Del Mar Surf Camp” Enjoy the end of the week. Paz Y Tuanis,

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