Jan 18 “Full Moon Madness”

I am not sure if the moon is full yet but the low tides mixed with it are making for some crazy conditions. Chest high with bigger sets and mixed up early morning. Look for new Swell SUNDAY!   I surfed 30mins today and was allowed one wave by an infestation of Longboarders who had no desire to share the peak.. SHARE THE PEAK – A kind gesture which allows two surfers to go in two different directions on the same wave, which in the end
P.s. Enjoy photos from Alfredo Barquero today (buy them or see more by visiting our smugmug galleries)

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One thought on “Jan 18 “Full Moon Madness””

  1. Graham,

    Really? Burn in hell and die a terrible death! This is very disappointing to hear. I am a kook no doubt. A landlocked tele skier, avid trail runner, that practices yoga as much as possible while living in Colorado. I had the fortune to spend some time in Playa Guiones last year and experience surfing for the first time. I was amazed with the feelings and connectivity to the natural world I felt when surfing even at such a beginner level. Needless to say I spend an incredible amount of time thinking of surfing and look forward to returning to Costa Rica to pursue surfing in such an incredible environment. One way to get my surfing fix from the mountains is to visit your website on a weekly basis. Therefore, it is amazing to hear such a remark from someone I am sure has deep feelings for surfing and has the opportunity to appreciate such an amazing experience and culture on a daily basis. Did you forget you were a kook at one point in your magnificent surfing career! I deal with gapers and tourists on a regular basis in the town I consider myself fortunate to live in and try to display patience and understanding of their behaviors and attitudes. I even become aggravated with them as well. But, I do not find it encouraging or positive for anyone including myself to make such statements or bash them in order to prove who I am. I will be returning to Playa Guiones soon to continue to pursue surfing and what I think it is all about as well as do research on moving to Costa Rica. I do understand surf ethics such as sharing waves, surfing to your ability, and working within a lineup but must say it is incredibly discouraging for me to hear comments such as the one you made today on your own website. Perhaps education from local surf schools or instructors is what is needed for those who do not take the time to educate themselves. Also, not kissing ass is way too cliche of the SoCal scene that I have no desire to experience and I hope that is not what Playa Guiones is turning into. Good luck with the anger management.

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