Jan 19 “Dia Sin Fotos”

Really small conditions today so we decided to give the cameras a rest. Waist high and clean early morning but with poor form. Sections do not hold up long enough and the size isn’t really helping with the fun factor. Crowd seemed a little more tamed today and willing to share.  Special thanks for the hate emails from my last post. We’ve been pissing off fans for a year now with our blunt honesty but those who know us best understand we love everything to do with surfing and we are %100 for having fun even if you do consider yourself  a kook , like me. SPLITING PEAKS and SHARING WAVES is a must this time of year in the ZOO of Playa Guiones. I gave up about 7 waves today, did you? I remind people we are a surf report website and we report what we see not what we want to you to think we see.

Look for increasing size late weekend with swell directions shifting all over the place. Could be good in certain spost. We’re keeping our fingers crossed because we’re working on the Chica Surfing section of our video “Finding Utopia”  .. Alfredo left yesterday with underwater cameras and seems to be missing in action with the footage. If you see him somewhere underwater tell him that’s probably enough footage and he can return home.

Photo from a spot we surfed last week up North.

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