Jan 2 2013 “Rerun of Crowded and Small”

Today's Tide - Nosara Time Times for Nosara

High 5:47AM 2.6m
Low 11:51AM 0.1m
High 6:14PM 2.7m
First Light 5:36AM
Sunrise 5:59AM
Sunset 5:35PM
Last Light 5:57PM

Waist to chest high, very soft and weak. I think what everyone is wanting to know is when we are going to get a good swell. Looks like it should start to pick up Saturday and Sunday. Might not be that great but it should be a little improvement from lately. Matt Vaughan is back and has all of his water gear (SPL housing). BOok us this season from water or land surf@nosarashack.com. We love private sessions! Surf@nosarashack.com

If you were freesurfing and you’re interested in seeing if we took photos of you click to browse above on FIND UR PhOTOS.

Enjoy the week.

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