Jan 24 “Overhead Fun”

Guiones has a little size today. Head high with some bigger sets. Clean early morning with a high tide falling. Due to recent additions of 1000 surf schools we decided Guiones fun factor wasn’t at an all time high so we headed North and captured these shots along with some fun footage we hope to use. Enjoy the week and don’t take my post personal. Even though everyone wants to believe Playa Guiones is a magical place where people live in  Harmony the truth might surprise you! We love surfing don’t get us wrong but this place could use a  little water policing. With that said, we have hired a team of Tico Midgets with mullets to pull anyone out of the water showing disrespect by dropping in on others, not spliting the peaks, and sitting outside on logs hogging all the waves. If you are pulled out of the water by the Nosara Shack Tico Water Midgets expect to have a quick judo chop to the jugular followed by a baggie wedgie.

[nggallery id=65]

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