Jan 26 “Waiting…. waiting… waiting… set wave… waiting waiting zzz. zz. z. “

Surf was enough to keep you in the water but not quite enough to write home to mom about. Knee high with some waist high sets. Clean early morning with a low tide.
Looking forward we should start to see an increase in size into tomorrow. WAHOO! Boy do we need a wave. Morning will build and Saturday looks to be a good little fun waist to chest high wave. It seems the swell angle switched as well which should help… What? Need surf photos from professional surf photographers? BOOK US TO SHOOT YOUR SESSION surf@nosarashack.com or hit us up 0n the beach. JUST LOOK FOR THE NOSARA SHACK LOGOS and don’t settle for imposters.  We have some cool things in the making. We sold out of our first batch of hats without even trying to sell them. That’s just how good they turned out. 40 more coming in a couple of weeks.. All colors and stuff..

Matt Vaughan aka Dirty Hippie is rocking the beautiful photos you see North end matt@nosarashack.com, Candice Storm is in Mal Pais breaking hearts and turning heads with her photograhy Candice@nosarashack.com, Alfredo Barquero is hanging with friends and getting all Artsy with his stuff (seen below) alfredo@nosarashack.com and I am sitting in front of my PC getting fat graham@nosarashack.com.

enjoy the weekend! Peace and Love , Anarchy and kIsses! ~graham

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