Jan 4 2013 “Surf Skoolz and Mayhem”

Today's Tide - Nosara Time Times for Nosara

Low 1:00AM 0.3m
High 7:11AM 2.4m
Low 1:13PM 0.3m
High 7:39PM 2.6m
First Light 5:37AM
Sunrise 6:00AM
Sunset 5:36PM
Last Light 5:58PM

I decided to not surf until it gets thinner in the lineup. Should see a little less people in the water next week but that wasn’t the case for today. Surf was waist to shoulder high with light offshores early morning. Should start to see a little size into tomorrow and growing into Sunday. We have water housing and land gear to capture your sessions. We are currently booked with private sessions meaning we cannot guarantee you a photo free-surfing. Book your session with us now surf@nosarashack.com $50 for one hour gets you and a buddy all the photos you can eat. Surf Photo buffet! okay, i suck at jokes. .. anyways, spread the peaks, share the waves, and do something nice for someone other than yourself at least once during the day. Peace, graham





















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