July 11 “Sunshine and Gallo Pinto”

Today the sun is out in full force. Waves are head high on the sets and look to be with a pretty good form. They are breaking really slow so if things work out evening session might be on time. Look for the next week to bring some new south swells and look for a shit load of new photos. Matt Vaughan will be shooting Guiones but a group of us are headed to Pavones hoping to score.

For those of you who check this actual website daily we’ll be posting most of our content here in the days to come. While Facebook is a great way to network us it seems this website gets very little attention while the majority of our fans insist on devoting their day to checking their social network. Either way Twitter just got hooked up with Apple, put in public schools, and developed a new social network of their own and it looks like it could possibly be the fall of FB..(THANK GOD!) So in an effort to actually make our photography/video work worthwhile we will post most of the  media on this actual website. We have an obligation to our sponsors to keep it pumping and interesting.

We are also looking to hire an editor. Need to know about the surf world, write better than me (probably 90% already do), and not be afraid to use your imagination to come up with something interesting. We have plans on relocating the office next high season into the business district. We would also love to find someone who can write in both English and Spanish so we can keep it a little more Costa Rican. For more information contact us surf@nosarashack.com . If Alfredo was forced to do the website reports they would sound like this “Surf today in Guiones is good up North, South end the surf sucked and people thought they ripped. North end is better, if you don’t like it then you can just go fk urself!” ………..So for that matter we need to get someone else onboard.

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