July 12 “Rain and Slop”

Big rain and Big Surf. Big bad surf that is. Shape is poor and doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better. Looks like the rest of the week has some size to it but I don’t think it’s going to be great conditions for it.  Feels like rainy season full on lately and it probably will only get worse before it gets better. Even though people are saying we have an “Indian Summer” whatever the hell that means, it’s typical weather for this season as August nears. Unless people know something I don’t (which is usually the case),   plan on having rain the next two months as usual. While it might not be as dramatic as last year I can promise the weather won’t be blowing offshore equal to that in December. I could be wrong but sadly, ask my wife, I am usually right.  I proclaimed myself a genius years ago as well as a certified weather man for Central America. Two years ago we had no rainy season which was nice but the weather patterns for that year were completely and totally different. Oh well aren’t we all suppose to die next year in Dec anyway? Enjoy the photos because I enjoyed taking them & have a great F-ing day! And for those of you who think I write like an idiot I can promise you I am far dumber in real life, just ask Alfredo,Matt, or my beautiful wife…

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