July 27 “Waist to Overhead”

Surf is small then these bomb sets come in a few feet over head. Yup, and as anyone knows here,  it’s a pain in the ass to catch them. Closing out all over the place with a nice onshore wind early morning making for a day of complete and utter shit. Those who caught it super early might have scored some clean head high conditions but it’s pretty doubtful. Not worth writing home to your mom about. The evening session was well overhead and a little cleaner. Looks like tomorrow is going to be BIGGER> COW A BUNG A!~! Looks like local population will prolly migrate North and South searching for some fun little places to catch shore break.

Enjoy the photos because little Sam Shook at 11 years old keeps them pumping as our “Guest Photographer of the week”. All except the “pay the bills” shots. He doesn’t want to get into trouble with his mom he says.  Enjoy the rest of the week. I gotz tons of YOGA FOTOS TO PROCESS so I won’t be shooting that much and Matt Vaughan is on nonPaid vacation for a few months because he sucks . He’s leaving me with Alfredo who only wants to surf these days so I might have to contract my photos from a realty website in order to do my reports.. riiiiiiiight? . Anywho, thanks so much for checking out Nosara Shack.com We love photos, video and surfing ~ Adios Carinos , graham




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