July 4 “Happy Gringo Day”

I told my wife today was our independence day and she said “um so?” . I told my best friend Alfredo today was July 4th and it was Independence day and he said “so what?” So i followed it up by saying “goddammit, I don’t care about the day or what happened in North America, I just enjoy this day because I usually get to hang with my mom and dad and surf with my sister” Happy 4th of July to my family. I hope you’re enjoy the day off. See you guys soon!

So now for the surf report. Surf Sucks the end! Looks like tomorrow should build but I am headed to Roca Bruja with some groms to do some video stuff. When I get back hopefully we will have a nice little head high wave coming in and a great Wednesday right around the corner full of shacks and air sections.. Okay but really, Finding Utopia film is still being worked on. I did a time lapse in guiones tonight and decided to make a teaser with the footage so as soon as Vimeo lets it free I will post it.


Above are my photos from today. Check out Matt’s on the FB fan page or matt@nosarashack.com

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