July 7 “Small Surf Big Crowd”

Surf today is nothing to write home to mom about however it’s not the worst day we’ve had this season. July seems to be about as weak as June and that’s pretty bad. It does look like we have a nice 225 swell headed for us in less than a week so let’s keep our fingers crossed. In the meantime don’t worry i will load you with more surf media than you can imagine. Photos, Videos, and more you can expect to find here on nosarashack.com . Did we mention we’re making a full length movie? Yup, not sure if it will be worth a crap but we’re going to do it anyways! I called it “Finding Utopia” based on my ideal surf society. Don’t worry it doesn’t have much footage of myself nor anyone other in particular. The flick is about surfing and beautiful landscapes with hopes at the end you will walk away smiling. We know, we know , that’s hard to believe coming from a bunch of agro dumbasses like us Nosara Shack guys but sometimes after pumping out tons of crap we actually do something spectacular.. Either way stay posted to see see the final project very soon!
Today’s photos are courtesy of Alfredo Barquero. Nosara’s pride and joy for photography. If you hate the watermarks on our facebook page then be sure to check the site daily to see them here.

Enjoy the rest of the week!~graham


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