June 8 “Fun and Soft”

Head high with bigger sets and clean early morning with very few people in the water. It’s been a pretty crazy week with all the rain and sunshine. It’s hard to predict weather in these parts but seems the storm North of us has moved on to annoy someone else. So what is the surf going to do? Well it’s that time of year again and it looks like it’s going to stick around. Head high for the rest of the week into next week. Good for those who crave swell bad for the beginners wanting to experience the ride of their life on the outside.
I recently had time to devote to the “Finding Utopia” surf flick and I really hope to have it finished by July. Living here in Costa Rica it’s so easy to capture natural beauty. Everywhere I look I see something I want to photograph or video. Trying to edit it all into a short surf film is a job in itself. On top of that I have to keep it interesting with the surfing but I have no intentions of even attempting to make it an unrealistic approach to surfing that 5% of surfers in the world can relate to like the surf films you see today. Our vision is to make Finding Utopia about real everyday solid surfers and exotic destinations. The beauty of surfing and the beauty of nature. Every place has it’s own special appeal and so does the wave. Blah blah blah, I could go on for hours but you’re probably asleep and wanting to see some photo action from today.   ~graham

Today’s photos are at the end of the video below ~ TUANIS~

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