March 13 ” Getting Big”

Some bombs are starting to show. This swell could be really fun in Playa Guinones for the morning session. I would suggest checking before venturing to other beaches and getting skunked. When it’s this big the lineup is thin so why waste time traveling. I might take out the boom stand tomorrow to get some great photos. Let me know if you want private photography or grab me on the beach. Matt Vaughan is out of town until Thursday and Alfredo will be shredding the rest of the week so it’s just me and my camera.

Lots of spring break kids in the area and if you’re one who stole my Nosara Shack Flag I thank you. I mean it takes real balls to steal someone’s stuff. I’ll let karma deal with you. It should kick in any time. You always have the option of returning it where you found it just keep that in mind.

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