March 15 “Go Surf”

Surf is a little bigger than head high today and super fun. Crowd is spread out nice and surf schools are stuck watching from the inside. Looks like this is the peak of the swell. Expect the conditions to be super fun in the evening with a little more wedge and speed. I took photos early morning, Alfredo took photos from 8-10, and Matt Vaughan from 8-10 North end. We have a super cool slide show at BEACH DOG GRILL and Matt will have his on display at RISING SUN CAFE (kayaSOL) .. Enjoy the day. Spread out, split the peaks, and try to experience some real Costa Rica at least once during your trip. Meaning get out and venture from Playa Gringones to other beautiful places around this area. Support your local Tico  owned everything and maybe the assholes who have driven prices up so high that people can’t afford to live here will eventually understand that the days of being a greedy bastard are quickly coming to an end.  Also, my wife informed me that the past 3 years of eating sausage in Costa Rica, I have in fact been eating horse. So yea Sausage here has horse mixed in with it.


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