March 16 “Got Size, No Shape”

If you’re into big and sloppy like some people then you will enjoy the surf today. Very poor form and soft with head high sets rolling in.  Good news is surf will remain head high til the weekend when Saturday a new little pulse enters. If the onshore winds would lay off a little, we could have some great morning sessions in store. I’m keeping my fingers crossed again for that wedge in the evening. Super fast and fun for experienced surfers and a pain in the ass for surf students. Call me evil or whatever you want but, I really enjoy watching surf students get pitched over the falls head first. It’s a lesson from mother nature showing them who is always in control.. Alfredo took the day off to give blood to a sick family member. ALFREDO is the best person I know. We could all learn a lot from people like him.

Enjoy the rest of the day and Thanks to Matt Vaughan for his fun images today. Find him selling at RISING SUN CAFE daily in Kayasol (North Guiones) ~graham

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