March 19 “On fire, let the muthafkr burn”

Playa Guiones is bombing hard early morning. Head high with offshore winds and more Shacks than you can shake a stick at. I started off videoing early morning while taking a few photos and said “screw this, I’m going surfing!” Hopefully Matt Vaughan got some good images because I was in the water having a blast.  Nice swell direction and great winds making for good/great form. I would give this a rating of 4 out of 5 stars due to the overall quality of today’s wave. Look for bumpy conditions into the evening and hopefully another great session tomorrow morning as the swell continues to fill in. I filmed a few waves this morning and am currently uploading the video.

Note to beginners: Know your surfing limits, Low tide surf school students have no business being outside when waves are big, fast, and racy. You’re only going to get your ass handed to you or hurt someone else while floundering. Migrate far south for smaller conditions if you’re caught up on surfing. I say this being nice because I am tired of seeing 10 surf school students flip forward in front of me while taking off on an obvious closeout!

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