March 20ish

So we’ve been a litte slack on the updates as of late but things should get back on track this week. Today was chest high with some bigger sets and average form. Very hazy skies and the smell of rain in the evenings. First rains come early at times and late at times. Water levels are very low at the moment and dust is a nuisance. On average our frist Rains land about 15th of April (Richard from Tica Massage marks them every year) So bring on the south swells and evening showers because boy are we needing them.

Onshore winds are blessing nosara as of late and the tides are a little high early morning. Best bet is to travel a little during days like this. We can easily book you a boat from Pelada and take you to some secret spots while photographing and/or filming you. We can do it from the land and from the water… If you’re desiring water photos contact staff photographer matt vaughan to set up a shoot. he has professional water gear and an eye for anything he shoots.

I recently finished an online portfolio which I feel is worthy of a look. it has many photos of nosara, surfing, people, wedding and much more and it was built full screen. Share thelink if you want!
Photos are from yesterday to a week ago. Enjoy the rest of the week.


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