March 23 “Biggg on da Sets”

We love photographing groups on surf adventures. Would we prefer to do this versus taking photos at the main break in Playa GUiones? hell yea we would… This is how it works. You book us to shoot your group from land and water. We let two people sit on top of our water photographer then half way through we switch to two more people. Meanwhile our land photographer is capturing every turn, shack, and air you can do. It’s the best of both worlds at a great rate. We try not to do groups larger than six because it takes too long and people don’t usually get enough waves . Book us now and take us with you on ur adventure. We also track swells, tides, winds, and more.. If you need the best deal on a boat ride to some spots we can do that as well. Below are a few of many shots a few days back .

Surf today in Guiones is well overhead and fun but with poor form. The drops and slim crowd alone are worth the paddle out. Matt Vaughan was on the beach taking some land photos so be sure to check our facebook fan page later today to see what he got.

Besides surfing we do anything photoography check our portfolios /

Peace and Tuanis,


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